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By Celia Pineda
Wednesday May 21, 2014


For the first time the artist Raúl Mora forth in mexiquense capital, pictorial exhibition “Abstraction and imagination,“ his most recent work, which will be on display until June 29.

Pastes, resins and oils are combined in the abstract work of Raul Mora , who with his wife , daughter and friends in Mexico and the United States , in addition to environment secretary of the State of Mexico , conducted an inaugural tour of the sample is located in the temporary exhibition hall of the Museum José María Velasco.

Iniestra Leticia Gaytan , director of the museum complex , said that this exhibition took hard work and planning for several months , and though José María Velasco Museum is dedicated to landscape and figurative painting , abstract work Mora received with great enthusiasm.

“In this time of great recent works Raúl Mora bill , many of them made ​​in Malinalco , residence some years of this great artist who now shares his work for the first time in Toluca ago,“ he added.

Reading the abstract work , Gaytan said Iniestra , can be complicated , but the distinction of the Raul Mora abstraction are textures and vivid colors that enable unprecedented visual enjoyment .

In turn, the artist said he is very proud to present for the first time in Toluca and in this room that symbolizes a great heritage for all citizens of the capital of the entity. For me painting is a great art and art is beauty, I want to convey the beauty and joy of life and creation, the painting feel excitement, freedom and some nervousness as works in change as you progress in development, I am driven by the enthusiasm of using the combination of textures and colors spontaneously said the speaker

Painting for imagination

His studies in Mexico City , for 19 years has lived in Malinalco , picturesque village of the State of Mexico, from his childhood began painting with professors as José Bardasano and Grachene and for several years was part of the master workshop of Lolo Barra.

The Mora teacher for thirty years of experience as an artist , has presented 21 solo exhibitions in museums and important forums in the countries of Mexico , Germany and the United States.

For many years his art has been part of group exhibitions at major forums including Mexico City Museo Rufino Tamayo , as well as several cities in Mexico .

Chosen abstraction as a way of expressing the human and natural beauty, yet he has dabbled in various genres of painting , including landscapes and the human figure, found in color, light and form the means to honor life .

First in Toluca , Raúl Mora pictorial exhibition opened .

By Berta Tarcena
September 21, 1998


In his recent work, Raul Mora paints fully within the universe of sensible geometry to portray the world, both vegetal as well as anthropomorphous.

He equally captures the swift opening of a flower, the wildfire of a sunset, or the rhythm of a dance. The line of his forms chases the sudden lightning by a continuous process of stimulus and revelation, in search of the sudden illumination that leads to truth.

This process results equally in a meditation about reality, man and earth, and, of course, the need to ponder about technique and the plastic and iconic signs that better express the line of thought and feelings of the artist. In this manner, his philosophical perspective allows Raul Mora to find strokes and colors to condense the physical and the spiritual, the visible and the concrete, the invisible and the transcendental, in sum, the relationship between the cosmic heavens and the earth.

In his work, the strength of color and the sensibility of strokes create a movement that does not exclude the spectator, but includes him, inviting him to activate his visual and emotional perception. Referring, in this case, to a plastic language that attracts both the linear writing as well as the speed with which color changes its attire, its meaning, growing dim and firing up equally whether the image be a cloud or flower, rain or fields, hope, rhythm, smile, remembrance or surprise.

From his studio's window in the mythical town of Malinalco, Raul Mora discovers landscapes interwoven in yarns of colors. In this environment, the notions that appear in art and literature of ancient prehispanic cultures, do not seem foreign.

He is an artist under the spell of the creation of creating, capable of capturing appearances and their secrets, the silence of sound, the number, the rhythm, the echo, the magic, the message for no one and therefore perphaps for everyone, since his skill is born precisely from the ephimerous experiences that sensibility brings forth only by the miracle of contemplation.

Artist by instinct and conviction, Raul Mora proposes in each of his paintings an enigmatic response, ccomplishing, for now, the dificult balance between the concrete and the ethereal that maintains his work alive like the swift breathing of nature, the cadence of dance, or the privilege of freedom. What more this passionate artist has to offer, only time will tell.

By Blanca Sevilla
Plastic Arts
El Heraldo de Mexico
Mexico City
Sunday 1st of June, 1997


"The encounter with Raul Mora's canvases cannot stay just in a sole moment of observation. His colors and forms find winding ways to get into our senses and pores, to run into our veins, to touch and finally be attached to the story told during the spans of loneliness."
" If it is true that nothing of what we capture from the outside can pass by unnoticed by the subconscious, the work of the artist is a reiteration of that truth. It is not only the strokes nor the brushes, the crushing colors nor the unending themes. It is everything without mediating more explanation than that of the anxiety of the spirit willing to nurture itself from authenticity.
The works are the reflection of the love which feeds them. The force of it's vocation makes Raul Mora to consider painting as a drug, the more you discover it the more you want it. It happens in all those activities one loves."

By Eugenia Barros
April 1997

"Art is harmony, harmony is the analogy of the opposites, the similarities pertaining tone, color and line, considered under the influence of the illumination in joyful, soothing or sad combinations."

"Raul Mora's work is joy, which he gets through the use of luminosity of the color, from it's predominant warmth , and the line above and beyond the horizontal. The artist is interested in structuring each brush, controlling the surface and the deliberate composition thus creating an optic effect."

"The plastic work offered by Raul Mora synthesizes elements which amplify our spiritual comprehension of reality from the perspective of his audacious landscapes which project a glimpse of his most intimate thoughts, his dreams and his visions."